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    【F1題庫】ACCA F1第九章模擬練習題(2)

    2020-01-10 14:02:06| 安徽中公教育網
    9.2 (a) The main levels of strategy in an organisation are as follows:

    A Corporate

    B Business

    C Operational

    For each of the strategic questions listed below, select the appropriate level of strategy from the list above

    (i) Which business should we be in?

    (ii) Should we specialise in a profitable product?

    (iii) How best can we market the products?

    (iv) Should we segment the market?

    (b) Which two of the following are advantages of centralisation?

    A Decision makers have a greater awareness of local problems

    B Managers are able to take a wider view

    C Avoids overburdening top managers

    D Help to develop junior managers

    E Procedures and documentation can be standardised

    答案:(a) (i)A(ii)B(iii)C(iv) B

     (b) B, E 




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